Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use your funeral home and go to any cemetery?

Yes, we can assist you with your cemetery arrangements with all cemeteries.

Can you assist us with insurance policies?

Yes, we can help you file all of your insurance policies to expedite the proceeds for your family.

Can I use a Pre-Arranged funeral policy that I purchased at another funeral home?

Yes, we accept and honor funeral policies from other funeral homes.

Is it necessary to have the casket open for the service?

The casket being open or closed is a personal family choice. We honor the families' wishes when making these important decisions.

What are my Veteran's Benefits?

A veteran with honorable discharge (as well as their spouse) are entitled to cemetery property, opening and closing of the grave, outer burial container, and memorial at any regional National Cemetery.

Should we bring small children to the funeral?

Parents should make those decisions based on their own personal beliefs. The funeral home is a place for the entire family and we are here to accommodate everyone.

What happens if we choose cremation?

Cremation is just another means of disposition, just like burial in a cemetery. A family can choose cremation and still have a complete funeral with visitation and at the conclusion of the service, the cremation would take place.

Is it a law that you must be embalmed?

No, the state law does not require embalming however in order to have public viewing, embalming is required. If the deceased is not embalmed, refrigeration is required unless the disposition takes place within 24 hours of death.

How long does it take to make funeral arrangements?

Under normal circumstances we can take care of most funeral arrangements within one and a half to two hours.